Friday, March 3, 2017

Allo-industrial Aesthetics

Above: Wings of Honneamise (1987), the best Le Guin movie she wasn't involved with
Below: Mohiro Kitoh's manga Bokurano, better known for its intense nihilism

Let's get a closer look at that weird civilian chopper:

And those laser B-52s:

Kitoh knows what I like looking at.

Bumblebee-themed helicopters from Matsumoto Taiyou's No. 5. That's a great idea. We don't put flashy heraldry on our choppers because we think it'll help them get shot down, but they still get shot down sometimes.

Here's some more Matsumoto.

I'm not sure what the jet engines are supposed to be accomplishing but I'm digging the figureheads.

Beautiful bulbous helicopters, one with longhorns to fit the owner's heraldic theme.

I still think it looks neat with a jet intake under a prop plane. Nazars fit on cargo planes.

To my untrained eye these bizarre jets could almost be shaped to take advantage of some arcane aerodynamic principle. Weird jets seem more advanced.

VTOL prop planes, from A Pilot's Love Song. They understandably get outclassed in story by planes that aren't trying to do as much.


Enemy flying wing bomber
Mamoru Oshii's Sky Crawlers had lots of neat hardware, mostly based off of late-WWII prop designs.

Pictured are Rostock heavy bombers, medium bombers, and fighters. The heavy bomber looks like a YB-35 with huge fins and a keel; the keel is shown folding up for landing. The fighters are Shinden variants. Can't place the bombers.

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