So I'm on a bus somewhere in Mexico and I realize that I am a foreigner, and that I always had felt like a foreigner and this was the first time that it felt appropriate.

If you read that sentence and felt a twinge of camaraderie it was probably a false positive, there are a billion ways to be foreign everywhere and they don't often mesh. That makes it more beautiful.

I want to find things that astonish me. I seek the golden moments when the door opens and the new world is beyond, and that sort of thing has happened to me in real life, but I'm working on a theory about it using fiction for most of the inputs.

I do have specific areas of interest but they bleed out into each other. I'm very interested in examples of what I call allo-industrial aesthetics, so point them out to me if you see them. I'm planning on writing a vast amount of fantasy with SF elements, and I've been blessed with a glorious fountain of ideas, so pick some up if you want to.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.

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